Creating Better Guest Connections

Hospitality providers have an increasing number of guests who are utilizing more devices. They want to connect to a fast network where they can access cloud services, and seamlessly upload and download data. Hotels need to ensure their confidential information is secure. Axia uses best-in-class technology to create scalable data transport services that are safe, cost-efficient and keep your guests coming back.

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Helping Hospitality Grow and Prosper

At Axia, we understand the technological challenges of running a hotel and the constant focus on guest experience.

As guests increase the devices they use, and turn more to the Cloud, legacy networks don’t perform as well. Video conferencing experiences are jeopardized by poor network latency and upload/download speeds, not great for retaining business clientele. Finally, hotels are storing sensitive and confidential information that must be protected. Conventional landline technologies simply don’t have the capacity to meet a hotel’s growing needs.

Axia provides services that deliver a high performance network that grows along with you:

  • You’ll get fast download and upload speeds, so your guests can easily download data or upload to the cloud without a delay.
  • Axia fibre services have low latency, substantially reducing delays on voice calls or video. 
  • We can enable bandwidth speeds up to 10 Gbps (exceeding the requirement of progressive hotels) for an optimal guest experience.
  • Our services are easily scalable , allowing you to respond quickly to growing demand for bandwidth.
  • In bypassing conventional landlines, and using VoIP services, you can save substantially on your IT budget. 

Axia is also a proud Associate Member of AHLA

Meet an Axia Customer: The Post Hotel - Lake Louise, AB

Ecosystem Solutions

Check out some of the best-in-class Ecosystem solutions in the Hospitality Industry.

Wide Area Network Connectivity

Communications - VoIP

Remote Project Site Connectivity

WAN Optimization

EPC Connectivity

Data Loss Prevention

Identity and Access

Identity & Access Management

camp connectivity

Hybrid Cloud

Communications - VoIP


Canada’s leading SIP Trunking provider with an advanced carrier network in 1000+ centres across Canada. ThinkTel SIP services are trusted by industry leaders and government agencies.

Ring Central

Eliminate on-premise systems and easily manage all office locations.
Make it simple to connect and scale your business and support your distributed workforces.

WAN Optimization

Axia FibreNet

The fastest, most reliable data transport services. Plain and simple.

Data Loss Prevention


Trustwave helps businesses fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risk.


Safeguard your most confidential data through secure access and keep your employees productive, wherever they are.


Safeguarding users, data and networks against insider threats and outside attackers, in the cloud, on the road, in the office.

Identity & Access Management


Intello is an industry leading provider of high-speed internet access services, WIFI design and installation, guest portals and network management tools designed specifically for the hospitality industry. It’s i-Hotel software is used by hundreds of hotel brands across the United States and Canada. 


Safeguard your most confidential data through secure access and keep your employees productive, wherever they are.

CA Technologies

Digital transformation within the application economy - from planning to development to management to security.

Hybrid Cloud

Rack Space

Managed, Dedicated & Cloud Computing Services.

VM Ware

VMware virtualizes computing, from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices, to help our customers be more agile, responsive, and profitable.

Hospitality Services

Providing the speed, scalability, and reliability your company or organization needs to grow and compete today and into the future.