Axia at a Glance

FibreNet is Axia's way of doing business. We sell fast, reliable transport services using the most intelligent data management systems to deliver maximum performance at every moment on our networks.

For over a decade, we have focused our business on areas where access to high bandwidth fibre infrastructure did not exist. Our success has been our ability to develop networks using the most technologically advanced, expertly engineered fibre technology to provide customers with superior performance and control. We have focused primarily on rural communities to bridge the digital divide by building the most reliable digital infrastructure – resulting in clear economic, communication and educational benefits in these communities.



Our Core Values: Who We Are

We’re a team of problem-solvers, innovators and engineers - all excited, dedicated and committed to providing the ultimate connectivity experience to our customers. Our success depends on customer satisfaction, engaged business partners and employee development and well-being.

Who we are and how we operate are defined by our core values that guide a culture of trust, service, purpose and excellence. These values help shape our thoughts and actions with each other internally and when serving our customers and the communities where we live and work:

  • Customer-driven excellence
  • Organizational and personal learning
  • Valuing our employees and business partners
  • Agility
  • Focus on the future
  • Managing for innovation

What We Do

We sell FibreNet services that connect customers to our technologically advanced fibre networks that help businesses compete in today’s digital economy. Just as railways and telegraph lines were critical infrastructure in the previous century, a well-engineered, high-performance fibre network is essential infrastructure for today’s economy. FibreNet is transforming the way we work, learn, communicate, shop, inform and entertain.

Why is FibreNet Different?

Axia FibreNet is based on Next Generation pure fibre networks made entirely of glass. Moving data across our network at the speed of light allows our clients to solve challenges in unique and efficient ways. Fibre technology paired with intelligent data management systems deliver the highest level of performance at every given moment. Performing a medical procedure using robotics controlled by a surgeon in another part of the country is just one example of what FibreNet makes possible.

What Motivates Us?

Customer satisfaction

You, our customers, come first. At Axia, we built our culture around this core belief. We listen to what our customers need and want. We respond actively to customer requests and encourage all team members to not only meet, but to exceed customer expectations.

Investment in innovation and technology

We are a future-focused company. We generate new ideas and innovations that anticipate where the world is going next. With this in mind, we stay up-to-date on emerging technologies that will help our customers succeed and ensure our employees are informed and educated about new technological developments.

Building a strong team

We strive to create a rewarding, fun and interesting work environment for our team members. We recruit and retain highly skilled, motivated and passionate people and provide them with opportunities for growth and development in a flexible work environment. We also take time to develop our people, partners and associates who in turn help us develop further strategic partnerships and alliances.