9 Cool Giveaway Ideas for 2019

* Originally posted in BellMTS Business Hub *

Have an upcoming tradeshow, conference or another work event? Then you might be considering what to give your guests and attendees as a thank you gift or memorable schwag item.

Naturally, every business owner wants their event to be remembered for the right reasons, and a giveaway is an opportunity to make a great impression and perfect for reinforcing your brand. So here are nine of the coolest schwag ideas for 2019 to get you inspired:

1. Bamboo toothbrushes

Whether you’re a dentist or not, bamboo toothbrushes are an extremely thoughtful gift for any crowd. They’re biodegradable — aka, gentle on the environment — and everyone will want to get this functional giveaway. Plus, if your event is taking place away from home and your guests are staying overnight, it never hurts to have a backup toothbrush just in case someone forgets theirs.

2. UV toothbrush sanitizer

Speaking of dental products, did you know that the lifespan of your toothbrush is actually only three months? UV sanitizers expand the longevity of your toothbrush by getting rid of all the germs and bacteria that have been collected on it over time. Once people hear about this clever gadgets, they’ll be making a dash to your booth.

3. Webcam covers

Cybersecurity is something we should all be concerned about and unfortunately, the paranoia surrounding spyware is well founded. Adding a stick of tape over your computer’s webcam can provide a sense of extra protection on a budget. Or you can offer people one of these handy ‘slide open, slide closed’ website covers — branded with your company name or logo front and centre.

4. Solar chargers

Solar phone chargers are all the rage right now and they’re only set to soar in popularity. Clean energy has been on the rise and showing your commitment to going green can be a nice touch. The solar phone charger is certainly a more luxurious gift, but these chargers make the price worth it though considering they don’t need anything except the power of the sun to keep your device powered up.

5. Mini dry-erase boards

Instead of handing out a sticky note organizer or day planners at your events, encourage this old-school way of taking notes and making reminders by handing out branded miniature dry-erase boards. This will encourage your employees to only write down the important stuff, get it done and erase it as soon as it’s over.

6. Car mount for cellphones

Cellphone mounts help drivers stay safe and hands-free on their commute to and from work. If your event is taking place in a location where people need to drive, this schwag item could even find its first use on the way back home. At the end of the day, it never hurts to have a ‘safety first’ policy no matter what your brand is, and it’s a thoughtful gift all around.

7. Power plug kit

Travelling can be a hassle if you’re headed any place with a different power system. Handing out a miniature power plug kit is not only thoughtful, but it’s also immensely useful. Imagine having a conference in Europe and forgetting your adaptor, but your work conference has got it covered.

8. Silicone smart wallet

These mini wallets stick right on the back of a phone case for easy access. Once they’re in place, they don’t go anywhere unless you want it to. This is a great gadget for reducing the number of items you carry around. If your event is going to have a lot of location changes or breakout events, this giveaway could be an instant hit.

9. Reusable travel straw

As everyone knows, plastic straws are hurting the environment. We’ve made our way to paper biodegradable straws, but if you’ve ever used them you know they can practically start degrading before you’ve finished your drink. The new alternative has been metal straws and to take that one step further, there are now collapsible stainless-steel straws specifically. Help your employees and guests do their part in saving the environment by giving them their own travel straw.



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