6 IT tips to get ready for fall

* Originally posted in BellMTS Business Hub *

Hot days are making way for cool nights, which means autumn is upon us. With 2019 mere months away, it’s time to prepare, reflect and review for a busy season ahead.  

The fourth quarter of the business year is also the time to plan and strategize when it comes to improving business operations and reinforcing the IT agenda.

In addition, it’s always wise to review internal and external goals — and to identify the IT solutions and strategies that can help get the business there. With this in mind, here are six IT tips to get ready for fall.

1. Evaluate and audit your IT

Is the current IT strategy still effective and aligned with business goals? Are targets being made with an eye towards industry competitiveness? Do older technology tools need to be replaced with newer ones?

Now is an optimal time to evaluate current systems in terms of performance and optimization. This includes reviewing inventory, considering tech audits around updates and licenses, and ensuring that IT is in alignment with present and future goals.

2. Assess project management processes

It’s no secret that when it comes to IT, cost overruns and failures can be all too common — but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Using fall to do a “rethink” across the organization can include reinforcing change management controls, identifying project management gaps and reviewing the size and scope of IT projects. This helps put the organization in a better position to identify which technology tools are essential to success while establishing potential plans and campaigns for the coming year.

3. Review security processes

What’s working in your organizations from an IT security perspective — and what isn’t? Are new tools needed to secure the network perimeter?

Taking the time now to review those security processes — including best practices around password guidelines, acceptable use and data backup — can go a long way towards being proactive around risk management.

4. Ensure strong data governance

This is the season to think about reviewing data governance to ensure effective oversight and authorization controls are in place.

Are your data governance policies and practices effectively protecting mission-critical assets and documents? Is an effective request process in place? And are your data loss prevention plans doing enough to foster a data-centric approach that establishes controls at the data layer for effective protection?

5. Top up training policies

Fall is often the time when a lot of new hires are made. Are the IT onboarding strategies where they need to be to help new staff quickly understand and familiarize themselves with the technology they need to perform their jobs?

And are the training and awareness policies presently in place to help existing employees understand and comply with organizational best practices?

6. Promote digital transformation

Is your digital transformation strategy — integrating digital tools and platforms across business silos in order to deliver stronger value — on track and hitting targets?

Digital transformation is a massive undertaking that can be intrinsically linked to the company culture. Use this time to review the strategy and ensure that management and staff understand why this change is required. In this way, your business will be ready to respond to industry changes and customer demand.

In looking ahead to fall, businesses have the chance to make some significant enhancements. These general tips can help maneuver IT to help put them in a better position for success.

* Originally posted in BellMTS Business Hub 


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